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Our Catalogue

ID Flower Flower Name Description
1 Antirrhinum A uniform bloom plant with clear bright colours. Its good basal branching makes for full bushy plant.
2 Aster Invaluable for bedding, edging & in arrangements. It produces well branched plants with large flowers.
3 Begonia A mixture containing a rich assortment of finest design of multi colour leaves. Spilling over in a spectacular display of continuous flowering.
4 Begonia bada  
5 Bellis A floriferous plant which is dwarf and is ideal for pots and pack sales.
6 Calceloria A dwarf plants with good foliage & lots of flowers.
7 Calendula A dwarf and early flowering plant with attractive choice of colors. Bushy and free flowering.
8 Carnation A genuinely dwarf carnations with good flower size in abundance.
9 Celosia An extremely populous super dwarf series which produces feathery blooms.
10 Cineraria A compact rounded plant habit with smaller leaves making it more appealing. It is extremely uniform to bloom across the color range.
11 Coeleus Easy to grow foliage plants.
12 Cyclamen A widely grown winter flowering pot plant. Neat, decorative foliage, some varieties marbled silver.
13 Dahalia  
14 Dianthus A compact very free flowering plants with blush crimson blooms.
15 Gazania An unique mixture of diverse colours which have compact foliage with small leaves & quiet free flowering.
16 Geranium An excellent garden performer with plant small in size but with large profuse blooms of rounded flower heads.
17 Gerbera  
18 Impatiens One of the most popular impatiens with stripped flowers. Widely recommended for both pots and garden.
19 Kale A cut flower type variety with charming long lasting round shaped bouquets.
20 Lisianthus This variety produces full bouquets of double flowers and plant habit displaying good basal branching purposes.
21 Marigold – inca  
22 Marigold – French Early, uniform and compact. Plant produced good flowers with god performance in the Graden.
23 Nasturtium Very easily grown, versatile plants, flowering freely throughout the summer. Used for fences and hedges.
24 Nimesia A very highly recommended pot plant with large flowers providing a brilliant display in distinct vivid colors.
25 Mimulus An excellent bedding plant producing masses of brightly colored flowers.
26 Pansy – Giant The largest growing pansies ever offered. The plants are vigorous and easy growing. Impressive, weather tolerant plants in amazing range of rich colors.
27 Pansy – Viola  
28 Poppy Easy to grow annual poppies fluttering and swaying in the breeze, are the very essence of every garden.
29 Petunia - Bravo  
30 Petunia – ultra  
31 Petunia – frost  
33 Petunia – ultra star  
34 Petunia – hanging  
35 Petunia Double These are double-flowered varieties. Multiflora and floribunda types are ideal for bedding and have good resistance to inclement weather.
36 Phlox Blooms in all the color of the rainbow over long period. Compact and free flowering plant with flowers growing well in packs.
37 Portulaca Portulaca An excellent pack performer producing an assortment of different colorful flowers.
38 Vinca Vinca An early flowering variety with wonderful branching habit. An excellent variety for gardens.
39 Primula Primula An extra early polyanthus type plant with uniform flowering habit. The flowers are extremely bright in color.
40 Ranunculus Ranunculus An extra dwarf plant with very small leaves and fully double flowers in large size.
41 Rose  
42 Zinnia  
43 Salvia Salvia Weather-resistant and reliable varieties, distinct in flower and habit from the normal scarlet types and excellent in drifts in borders.
44 Zacynthus Fine fern like foliage producing exotic looking flowers in shades of cream, pink, violet, blue and rose..
45 Silver dust Silver dust A dwarf cineraria with finely sliced pure white foliage.
46 Stock  
47 Tyranny  
48 Verbena Verbena A special strain with compact ball shaped habit. These plants have nice flowers in big florets ideal for packs and beds.
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